December 19, 2017

Fall 2017 Candidates for Graduation

Kishwaukee College has announced the candidates for graduation for Fall 2017. Graduation Honors are indicated after the certificate or degree for each graduate. Honors and degrees for the Fall 2017 candidates for graduation are contingent on final transcript evaluation of Fall 2017 grades. Graduation Honors are divided into three categories based on final cumulative grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale: summa cum laude – GPA between 3.75-4.0; magna cum laude – GPA between 3.5-3.749; cum laude – GPA between 3.25-3.499.  Students who fulfill requirements for a Certificate and have a final cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher are awarded a Certificate with Distinction. “PTK” designates membership in Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for students in two-year colleges and “HNR” indicates the student is graduating from the Honors Program.

The following students are the candidates for graduation for Fall 2017 from Kishwaukee College:

Addison:         Hanif E Lopez, Electronics Technology, AAS;                                              

Aurora:            Ryan Gregory Frisk, Paramedic, AAS, Summa Cum Laude;                       

Blue Island:     Parkland Andre Beard, CERT, Collision Repair;                                                       

Chicago:          Davona L. Dupee, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                     

                        Laura Taylor, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                

 Chicago Heights:  Joshua M. Brown, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                           

 Cortland:         Nicole Leigh Braun, Associate in Science;                                                     

                        Hunter M. Harris, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                     

                        Heather Rose Keding, Registered Nursing, AAS, PTK;

                        Peyton McAllister, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                                  

                        Jonathan E. Ostland, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                     

                        Heather Nicole Pardridge, Associate in Science;                                                        

                        Samantha Marie Parker, Associate in Science;                                                           

                        Michael Aaron Stockl, Associate in Science;                                                 

                        Joseph L. Stone, CERT, EMT;                                                          

                        Lynette R Stone, Associate in Science;                                                          

Creston:           Noah Patrick Allgeyer, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                            

                        Kendra Nikole Struven, Registered Nursing, AAS, Associate in Science;                                                    

Davis Junction:  Alondra Villa, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                        

Decatur:           Bryan Jordan Horath, Associate in Arts;                                                       

 DeKalb:           Matthew Graham Baker, Associate in Science;                                                          

                        Catherine Banda, CERT, EMT;                                                          

                        Robert Michael Bartoni, Associate in Science;                                                           

                        Mary Margaret Boyce, Associate in Science;                                                 

                        Ashleigh Nicole Braun, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                          

                        Willis Carl Brei, Associate in Science;                                                           

                        Katia Brindis, Associate in Science;                                                   

                        David Jeremy Brinn, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude;                        

                        Somer Camille Brown, AAS, Registered Nursing;                                        

                        Matthew John Buehler, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                       

                        Josh M Burzynski, Electronics Technology, AAS, Associate in Science;                                        

                        Catherine Steele Camacho, Criminal Justice-General, AAS, Cum Laude,                                                
                                    CERT, Criminal Investigations, With Distinction,                             

                                    CERT, Criminal Justice Management, With Distinction,                               

                                    CERT, Social Role of Law Enforcement, With Distinction;                           

                        Laura E. Castillo-Hernandez, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                          

                        Paje Briana Causey, Associate in Arts;                                                          

                        Jun Yu Chen, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;                             

                        Clint Cain Coleman, Associate in Arts;                                                          

                        Tia M Coleman, Associate in Arts;                                                    

                        Mark Cook, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                                 

                        Kelsey Cooper, Associate in Science, Cum Laude, HNR, PTK;

                        Emily Rose Corbin, Associate in Science, Cum Laude, CERT, EMT;                                              

                        Emelia M. Diamond, CERT, EMT;                                                           

                        Jonathan Sterling Doty, Associate in Arts;                                                    

                        Richard Carl Dreier, CERT, Sustainable Horticulture, With Distinction;                                           

                        Brittney Ann Ferguson, Associate in Arts;                                                           

                        Jose A. Flores, CERT, EMT;                                                 

                        Demonta Lorenzo Foster, Associate in Science;                                                        

                        Hana Marie Green, Associate in Arts;                                               

                        Blair E Hallgren, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                     

                        Nancy C Harrolle, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                                   

                        Johan Alexis Hernandez, Associate in Arts;                                                  

                        Maria Danitza Hernandez, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                                

                        Brian Edward Hewson, Diesel Power Technology, AAS, Summa Cum Laude,                                        

                                    CERT, Basic Diesel Power/Equipment Repair, With Distinction,                                                      

                                    CERT, Diesel Power/Equipment Repair, With Distinction;                           

                        Jessica Jo Hoiness, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                             

                        Wade Thomas Holcomb, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                            

                        Lisa Holland, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude,                              

                                    CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;                               

                        Mikaella Mary Hudspeth, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                   

                        Brianna Janiece Jackson, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                          

                        Marietto Jeffries, Networking & Systems Administration, AAS;                              

                        Latrice Renee Johnson, Associate in Science;                                                

                        Ciara C Jones, CERT, Automated Industrial Tech;                                                    

                        Shalana Elaine Jones, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;                                            

                       Crystal Dawn Judkins, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;                          

                        Alexandria G. Kapsalis, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                                    

                        Kathlene Rose Keleher, Associate in Arts;                                               

                        Nicholas John Kemmler, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude;                             

                        Sarya Kiran, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction, PTK;

                        Jake Kuykendall, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                         

                        Carla Marie Lemons, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                           

                        Qing Li, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                          

                        Edgar G Lopez, Associate in Arts;                                         

                        Stefanie Marie Lopez, Nursing, AAS, PTK;

                        Holden P. Mackey, CERT, EMT;                                                      

                        Lydia Maronga, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                        

                        Avery Royce Maxwell, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                           

                        Xica April McClain, Criminal Justice-General, AAS, Cum Laude,                           

                                    CERT, Criminal Investigations, With Distinction,                             

                                    CERT, Criminal Justice Management, With Distinction,                               

                                    CERT, Social Role of Law Enforcement;                                                       

                     Mykia Domonique Merchant, Associate in Arts;                                                       

                     Haley R Metcalf, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;                        

                     Ashley Lynne Meyer, Associate in Arts;                                                       

                     Sandra Colleen Morales, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude, PTK;

                     Sandrine M. Mujinga, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                       

                    Christopher Logan Nesemeier, Associate in Science;                        

                    Jessica M. Otis, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                        

                    Polly Peebles, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                               

                   Stephanie Nicole Phelan, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                     

                   Rayanne E. Power, CERT, EMT;                                                      

                   Devin Pringle, Associate in Science;                                                  

                  James Randle IV, Associate in Science;                                                         

                   Gonzalo Rico, Associate in Science;                                                  

                   Chase L Riley, Associate in Arts, PTK;

                   Oscar Rodriguez, Associate in Science;                                                         

                   Richard Rojas-Chavez, Criminal Justice-General, AAS, Summa Cum Laude,                      

                              CERT, Criminal Investigations, With Distinction,                             

                              CERT, Criminal Justice Management, With Distinction,                               

                              CERT, Social Role of Law Enforcement, With Distinction;                           

                  Ashley Victoria Rusho, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                          

                  Tyler M Russell, Associate in Arts;                                                   

                  Doris C Saile, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                                 

                  Samantha D Scanlan, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                          

                  Natalie E. Simpson, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                  

                  Kelsey Lorie Sipp, Associate in Science;                                                       

                  Anita S Smith, CERT, Application Specialist, With Distinction;                               

                  Jared M Smith, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                            

                  Kaylon Nicholas Smith, Associate in Science;                                                           

                  Kiefer Walter Smolarczyk, Associate in Arts;                                                

                  Hampton M Stephens, Associate in Science;                                                 

                  Urian Tapia, Associate in Science;                                                     

                  Trevor M Taylor, Registered Nursing, AAS, Summa Cum Laude,  Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;                            

                  Brenna A. Thomas, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                   

                 Raynetta K Thomas, Associate in Science;                                                    

                 Nick C Valianos, Registered Nursing, AAS, Magna Cum Laude;                            

                 Michael William Vanderstappen, Computer Information Systems, AAS, Cum Laude,  

                              CERT, PC Technician;                                                           

                 Jared David Vasquez, Associate in Arts;                                                       

                 Katherine Diane Watson-Spearman, Associate in Arts;                        

                 Ocean Lyric Wells, Associate in Science;                                                      

                 Kourtney Nicole Wiley, Registered Nursing, AAS, Magna Cum Laude;

                 Quentin Avery Wilson, Associate in Arts;                                                     

                 Jason Byron Wise, Associate in Science;                                                       

                Jamie Alexandra Works, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                            

                 Lonzell Theodore Wright, Associate in Arts;                                                 

                 Sara Yasmeen, Associate in Arts;                                                      

                Chad Young, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude, PTK;

                 Ivon Chino Fuentes, Associate in Science;                                                    

                Hunter Stephen Seaquist, Associate in Science;                                                         

Dixon: Aimee M Hoffman, Hort Sustainable/General, AAS, Summa Cum Laude;                                                                                                       

Elgin:   Tabatha A Smith, Associate in Science;                                                         

Franklin Grove:  Casey Marie Lafrentz, Registered Nursing, AAS, Summa Cum Laude;                                                                                                                            

Genoa:  Trevor Lee Carroll, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                                  

                  Kara Marie Dalby, Associate in Science;                                                       

                  Darlene Dawidziak-Herrmann, CERT, EMT;                                                

                   Brett M Devine, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                          

                   Cali L Hamm, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                                 

                   Brock Edmund Heiniger, CERT, Basic Welding Technology, With Distinction;                               

                   Sydney Elizabeth Kaitchuck, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude, HNR, PTK;

                  Feliz Gabriel May, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;                                    

                  Joshua A Michael, Associate in Science;                                                           

                  Amela Music, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude, PTK;

                  Christian D Ordlock, Associate in Arts;                                                        

                  Jessalyn Ranelle Palmer, Associate in Science;                                                          

                  Federico Parra-Avila, CERT, Basic Welding Technology;                                                            

                  Alyssa Ann Peters, Associate in Science;                                                          

                  Christy Schroeder, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;                        

                  Megan L Theiner, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude, PTK;

                  Brandon Dale Trupp, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                              

                   Robert Whitten, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude, PTK;


Kingston:     Kimberley Cheyenne Dabros, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                                         

                    Amberlee Marie Fowler, Associate in Science;                                                      

                    Hannah Maria Hehn, Associate in Science;                                                   

                    Karli L Lancaste, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                         

                    Jessica D. Rodriguez-Lopez, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;                                

     Kirkland:   Abigail Jazmine Garcia, Associate in Arts;                                                    

                        Jeremy K. Heilman, CERT, EMT;                                                     

                        LeAnne Denise Leffelman, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                         

                        Lexie Denise Leffelman, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;                        


Malta:              Arthur Bettis, CERT, Basic Automotive Technology, With Distinction;                                           

                        Dustin Joseph Castillo, Horticulture Floral Design, AAS;                                          

                        Irisa Joy Hescott, Associate in Science;                                                         

                        Adaline C. Miner, CERT, EMT;                                                        

                        Cristy L Piwowar-Hein, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;                         

                        Jim Showalter, CERT, EMT;                                                 

Maple Park:     Alyssa Lynn Hemmerich, Associate in Science;                                                      

Maywood:       Jada Marie Coleman, Associate in Science, Cum Laude, PTK;

Mendota:         Breanne Lacy Fultz, Associate in Science;                                                     

Montgomery: Sydney Ann Hanchett, Associate in Arts;                                                       

Mount Morris: Allyson Michelle Bartling, Associate in Science;                                                      

                       Dezeray A. Wolfe, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                   

Paw Paw:        Mariah Erin Maho, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;               

                        Nicolette June Michaels, Office Systems, AAS, Cum Laude;                                   

Plainfield:        Mitchell Cale Rudas, Associate in Science;                                                   

Rochelle:         Suzi Albers, Registered Nursing, AAS, Associate in Science;                                                          

                       Jeniveve D Beck, Registered Nursing, AAS, Magna Cum Laude;                          

                       Brendan J Beyer, CERT, Basic Welding Technology;                                                                       

                       Erika Cabral, Associate in Science;                                                           

                       Rachel E. Carson, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                     

                       Alexis Sue Charbonneau, Associate in Science;                                                        

                       Miranda Jean Daugherty, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                    

                       Angela Eugena Davis, Automotive Technology, AAS, Magna Cum Laude, PTK,

                       Patricia Ann Dickson, Registered Nursing, AAS, Associate in Science;                                           

                       Alexa J. Simmons, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                          

                       Sandra Luz Galvan, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;                          

                       Emmanuel Garcia, Associate in Science;                                                        

                       Geovanny Javier Garcia, Associate in Science;                                                          

                       Hannah Noel Goodnite, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;                               

                       Micah Joseph Helgeson, Associate in Arts, Summa Cum Laude,                             

                                    CERT, PC Technician, With Distinction;                               

                       Ahllam A Khattab, Associate in Science;                                                       

                       Max William Kubale, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                              

                       Heather L. Loyd, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                       

                       Chelsea Nally, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                           

                       Jasmyn Nicole Patterson, Associate in Science;                                                         

                       Diana Karina Penaran, Associate in Science, Cum Laude, PTK;

                       Hadeel Sbeih, Associate in Science;                                                   

                       Pablo Manuel Silva, Associate in Science;                                                     

                       Skylar Jerry Struven, Associate in Science;                                                   

                       Tariq Ramal Thomas, Associate in Science;                                                   

                       Hannah Catherine Thompson, Hort Sustainable/General, AAS, Summa Cum Laude, Hort Greenhouse, AAS, Summa Cum Laude, PTK;

                        Nolan G Turner, CERT, Collision Repair;                                                     

                        Preston Lee Turner, Associate in Science;                                                     

                        Jasmil Z. Valdivia, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                    

                        Victoria Josefine Rodriguez, Criminal Justice-General, AAS, Magna Cum Laude,                                      

                                   CERT, Criminal Justice Management, With Distinction,                                  

                                    CERT, Social Role of Law Enforcement, With Distinction;                           


Rockford:        Maxwell J Gastel, Automotive Technology, AAS, Magna Cum Laude;                                           

                       Mallory A. McPherson, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                                                                                                                          

Saybrook:       Brittany Lee Weber, Associate in Science;                                                     


Shabbona:       Kendall Ryen Cies, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                             

                        Trevor R Foster, Associate in Arts;                                                   

Steward:          Daniel W Childers, Associate in Science;                                                      

                        Kelly Jo Wakefield, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;                         

Stillman Valley:  Danielle M Schabacker, Registered Nursing, AAS;           

Sycamore:       Bianca A Alcantar, Associate in Arts;                                                

                        Brandon Joseph Barber, Paramedic, AAS, Summa Cum Laude,                              

                                    CERT, Paramedic Certificate, With Distinction;                                 

                        Christina Berry, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                       

                        Ashly Nicole Bieche, Associate in Arts;                                                        

                        Nancy R Bobulski, CERT, Application Specialist, With Distinction;                                    

                        Michelle Lynn Brandeis, Registered Nursing, AAS, Magna Cum Laude, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                             

                        Brian Eugene Buddinger, Associate in Arts;                                                  

                        Rhiannon R Bugna, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                             

                        MaryRose Therese Cochran, Registered Nursing, AAS, Magna Cum Laude, PTK;

                        Michael D Dean, Associate in Science;                                                          

                        Jakob Hughes Dodson, Associate in Arts;                                                    

                        Lailani B Elumba, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                        

                        Cory W Ernest, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude, PTK;

                        Jacqueline Marie Espy, CERT, Administrative Assistant, With Distinction,                                     

                                          CERT, Application Specialist, With Distinction;                             

                        Emma Nicole Fischer, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                             

                        Timothy Paul Forster, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                         

                        Desmond C. Green, CERT, EMT;                                                     

                        Alexa Nicole Johnson, Associate in Arts;                                                      

                        Julianna J. Koch, CERT, EMT;                                                         

                        William K Kroeger, Associate in Arts;                                                          

                        Maelissa Elin Larson, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                             

                        Dominic Raphael Lesniewski, Associate in Science;                                                 

                        Meaghan K. McFatridge, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                                  

                        Kennydhits S McNamara, Associate in Science;                                                  

                        Amanda Marie Neill, Associate in Arts;                                                        

                        Tara Ozehowski, Associate in Arts, Summa Cum Laude, PTK;

                        Julia Perezchica, Associate in Arts;                                                    

                        Miranda Nicole Perri, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;                             

                        Kaylie Marie Rapp, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                        

                        Anthony Micheal Reich, Diesel Power Technology, AAS,                                       

                                    CERT, Basic Diesel Power/Equipment Repair,                                                                                  

                                    CERT, Diesel Power/Equipment Repair;                                          

                        Trevor A. Rennels, CERT, EMT;                                                      

                        Elissa Pamela Reynolds, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;                              

                        Lauren Fay Riebel, Associate in Science;                                                       

                        Justin T Roesner, Associate in Science;                                                         

                        Jennifer Ruiz, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                

                        Yeny P. Schwartz, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                    

                        Alex J Selig, CERT, Traffic Investigations, With Distinction;                                   

                        Spencer Louise Siebeck, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude;                              

                        Jesenia Anet Velez, Registered Nursing, AAS, Summa Cum Laude;                                   

                       Abeo Walter, Associate in Arts;                                                         

Waterman:       Abigail Hope Feith, Associate in Science;                                                     

                        Chelsea M. Lingl, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;                         

                        Kristen Elizabeth McRoberts, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                         

Woodstock:     Trevor Daniel Nomm, Associate in Arts, Summa Cum Laude, PTK;

Clermont, FL:  Nicole Lorraine Colón, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                               

Woodbury, MN: Kimberly Anne Plumley-Conboy, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude.