July 24, 2017

Where do student tuition dollars go?

Providing academic excellence is Kishwaukee College’s number one focus. When community colleges were first started in Illinois, the idea was for funding to be equally shared: 33.3% from the State, 33.3% from local government sources, and 33.3% from student tuition. Over the years the proportions have shifted, with state support of higher education decreasing well below the original 33.3% of commitment.  For the 2017-18 school year, the College is anticipating receiving only 7% of the total budget revenue from the State. 

The lack of state funding, and the focus on continuing to provide quality programs and services to our students and the community, resulted in a tuition increase for the 2017-18 school year. 

Below is a draft of how the college revenue – primarily student tuition and local property taxes – is spent:

Even with a tuition increase, Kishwaukee College is still providing a great education for a competitive cost.

For more information and to view exact costs for individual classes, please use the Tuition Estimator

Kishwaukee College  makes this commitment to our students and our community: we will provide highly qualified instructors in small classrooms, with hands-on instruction that helps you prepare for your future – whether that is transferring to a university, preparing for the workforce, or learning a new skill. Students will always receive a first-class education at Kishwaukee College. The college goal is to serve our students to help them achieve their educational goals. We have resources available for students needing  assistance to pay for college.  Please contact the Financial Aid office at 815-825-9328 or email at finaid@kishwaukeecollege.edu. We are here to help.