February 7, 2018

WYSE Academic Challenge

Kishwaukee College hosted the Worldwide Youth in Sciences and Engineering (WYSE) Academic Challenge on Tuesday, February 6. Eight area high schools sent teams of students to compete in academic testing in seven categories: biology, chemistry, computer science, English, engineering graphics, mathematics, and physics.

Competing high schools were placed in one of four divisions based on enrollment. Division 300 is for schools with 300 or fewer students; competitors were Christian Cornerstone, Paw Paw High School, Indian Creek High School, and Hiawatha High School. Division 700 is for schools with 300 – 700 students. The lone competitor in this category was Genoa-Kingston High School.  Division 1500 is for schools with 700 – 1500 students; competitors in this division were Rochelle Township High School and Sycamore High School. Division Unlimited is for schools with enrollments of more than 1500 students. The lone competitor in this category was DeKalb High School. 

Earning Division 1500 first place team honors was Rochelle Township High School and second place went to Sycamore High School. Earning first place team honors for Division 300 schools was Cornerstone Christian, second place went to Paw Paw, and third place to Hiawatha.  First and second place teams advance to the WYSE sectional competition at Northern Illinois University. The DeKalb and the Genoa-Kingston teams will also advance to NIU.

Medals were awarded in each of the four divisions to the students earning the top three scores in each academic area. Gold medal winners from the divisions in each academic category are:

Biology: Johnathan Gavin, Cornerstone, and Joshua Mateja, Paw Paw, tied; Austin Rausch, Genoa-Kingston; Benjamin Gehant, Sycamore; and Paul Anderson, DeKalb;

Chemistry: Anthony Castaldo, Paw Paw; Jackson Bouque and Austin Rausch, Gena-Kingston, tied; Nick Whisman, Rochelle; and Clay Ward, DeKalb;

Computer Science: Clarissa Clark, Indian Creek; Madeline Hill, Genoa-Kingston; Tyler Nelson, Sycamore; and Matt Angel, DeKalb;

Engineering Graphics: Noah Whitfield, Cornerstone; Jackson Bouque, Genoa-Kingston; and Matthew Malaker, Rochelle;

English: Belle Wellman, Hiawatha; Michelle Dutton, Genoa-Kingston; Claire Plapp, English; and Nina Mitchell, DeKalb;

Math: Skye Xia, Cornerstone; Michelle Dutton, Genoa-Kingston; Christopher Roeder, Sycamore; and Matt Angel, DeKalb;

Physics: Austin Insley, Indian Creek and Harris Si, Cornerstone; Conrad Milton, Rochelle; and Edgar Salinas, DeKalb.

In addition, the student who achieved the highest score for the day in each academic category, across divisions, received a monetary award and medal. The highest score recipients in each category were: Austin Rausch, Genoa-Kingston, Biology; Anthony Castaldo, Paw Paw and Nick Whisman, Rochelle, tied, Chemistry; Tyler Nelson, Sycamore; Computer Science; Matthew Malaker, Rochelle, Engineering Graphics; Belle Wellman, Hiawatha, English; Skye Xia, Cornerstone, Math; and Conrad Milton, Rochelle, Physics.

The next WYSE competition will be the sectionals to be held at NIU on March 15 followed by the state competition at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in April.