Chemistry is a physical science that studies the composition, structure and properties of matter, the building block of all physical objects.  Topics studied in chemistry include properties of atoms, chemical bonds, chemical compounds, chemical interactions, and formation of different substances through chemical reactions.  Because of its study of the most basic aspects of matter, the study of chemistry can also appear in other scientific disciplines including biology, geology, and physics.

Many chemistry classes will have a math prerequisite because of mathematical computations involved in having an understanding of the properties of matter and in evaluating lab results.  Chemistry classes are also sequential, often building on knowledge covered in previous classes, and specialized courses may also be available, for example organic chemistry, which focuses on carbon.

Chemistry Research Program

Kishwaukee College is currently collaborating with Northern Illinois University (NIU) to conduct a research internship for summer 2018. The selected Kishwaukee College student would participate in an ten week long research project at NIU under the supervision of Dr. Elizabeth Gaillard of NIU and Dr. Laura Murdaugh of Kishwaukee College. Interested students should contact Dr. Laura Murdaugh.