Units Reporting to the President

Units Reporting to the Office of the President


We are excited about the future of Kishwaukee College and hope you’ll join us to play an integral role in helping us get there.

The Kishwaukee College Foundation provides for the future of students, faculty, and the community through many programs and events.

Marketing & Public Relations oversees the branding and external communications of the College.

The Executive Director of Enrollment Services is responsible for overall enrollment services from recruitment to completion.

The Office of Finance is responsible for the overall financial management of the College.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is responsible for the development of an annually updated Strategic Long Range Plan and integration and alignment of the College’s Annual Plan.

The Vice President of Instruction is the Chief Academic Officer of the College and educational leader.

The Office of Student Services is the Chief Student Services Officer of the College and the enrollment officer for the College.