KCMA Registration Steps

KCMA Registration Steps

1. Get your KishID username and set up your password

  • Go to "Find my KishID username"
  • Enter your last name and KishID Number or SS#. Please save your KishID username and KishID Number for later.
  • Go to https://www.kish.edu/kishid/
  • Choose "Set up your KishID account"
  • Enter your last name and KishID Number
  • Select 3 questions and answers you want to use to help identify yourself
  • Enter the password you want and re-enter it to confirm that password

2. Log In to myKC

  • Click myKC from top of website
  • Click myKC icon on landing page and enter your KishID username and password; if you're having troubles logging in, view browser compatibility at the bottom of the myKC landing page.
  • You may wish to view your Profile

3. Register for your MAT Class

  •   When logged into myKC, scroll down to the KishSOS area in the lower right of the screen.
  •   Choose the "Student Info/Register" menu, then the "Registration" menu, and finally click "Register" to search and register for classes
  •   Under "Term" indicate which term (FALL or SPRING)
  •   Under "Subject" choose "Mathematics"
  •   Under "Course Number" type "098" or "096"
  •   Select the course you would like to register for
  •   Be sure that it is a KCMA course type which means it meets on NIU's campus
  •   Indicate the action "Register" for that course and "Submit"


  • You must pay for your class in full or enroll in KIPP before the tuition due date, or you will be dropped from your class. 
  • Financial Aid will not pay for this course.
  • To pay for your class in full online with a Credit Card, go to "Make a Payment" on KishSOS.
  • To pay for your class in full over the phone with a Credit Card contact the business office at Kishwaukee College 815-  825-2086
  • To pay for your class in full using a check, include the student’s name and KISH ID # in the memo and send payment to: Kishwaukee College Business Office 21193 Malta Rd, Malta, IL 60150-9699
  • Enroll in the Kishwaukee Installment Payment Plan.

Print a copy of your schedule

  • You will need it to purchase your books from the NIU bookstore
  • We advise you to check back before the first class meeting to verify room locations