Five reasons to complete your degree!

Five reasons to complete your degree before transferring or entering the workforce!

According to the American Association of Community Colleges, it is estimated that by the year 2020, nearly 65% of jobs in the U.S. will require education or training post-high school and the more education, the higher the earnings!

  1. Reasonable Tuition 
    Students who live in-district only pay $139 per credit hour while students attending a public four-year institution pay on average $325 per credit hour. Why not transfer as many credit hours as possible at a reasonable tuition rate?

  2. Stepping Stone to a Bachelor’s Degree
    You can save time and money by transferring to a 4-year institution after completing your Associate Degree.  Kish offers a smooth and successful transition from Kish to a four-year institution. With the use of our Transfer Pathways and Transfer Agreements, 99% of our students who transferred were satisfied with their transitions.
  3. Relatively Short-Term
    A full-time student (15 credits/semester) will typically complete their Associate Degree in two years, presenting them with the option to either attend a four-year institution or directly begin work in their field of study.
  4. Increased Salary
    On average, students who complete an Associate Degree earn over $6,600 more per year then a high school graduate. It pays to complete your degree!

  5. Lower Unemployment Rate
    The unemployment rate for those who have completed an Associate Degree is 3.6% while the high school diploma unemployment rate is 5.2%. Completing a degree is proven to increase your employability!

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