Academic Transfer Classes at Sycamore High School

2015-2016 School Year

Course Number Course Name ACT Score* COMPASS Placement Score* Course Completed*
ENG 103 Composition I 23 or higher on English Portion Reading 73 or higher AND Writing Skills 70 or higher

Not applicable for Sycamore students

ENG 104 Composition II  NA NA ENG 103 with "C" or better
MAT 150 College Algebra 25 or higher on Math portion College Algebra score of 33 or higher Not applicable for Sycamore students
MAT 155 Trigonometry N/A N/A

MAT 150 with "C" or better

PLS 140 Government No prerequisite needed
NUR 106 Nursing Seminar No testing prerequisite needed. Interview and application required
BIO 103, 105 General Biology 23 English & 25 Math Reading 73, Writing 70, & Elem. Algebra Score of 32 Not applicable for Sycamore students
MT 106 Manufacturing Seminar NA Interview and application required  
AGT 100 Orientation to AG Careers NA NA NA

*Prerequisite for course (only 1 option needed)


ENG 103-104 (Composition 1, 2) St. Martin’s Guide to Writing by Axelrod, 10th Edition; ISBN: 978-1-4576-3250-1; Envision in Depth by Alfano, 2nd Edition; ISBN: 978-0-2057-5846-3

MAT 150 (College Algebra) College Algebra 11th edition, by Gustafson Publisher: Brooks/Cole ISBN:  978-1-111-99090-9

MAT 155 (Trigonometry) Trigonometry 10th edition by Lial Publisher: Addison Wesley ISBN: 978-0-321-67177-6
                  NOTE: Students registered for the Math classes need a TI-83 or a TI-84 calculator

PLS-140 (Government) We the People by Patterson, 9th Edition; ISBN: 978-0-07-337906-7

BIO 103 (General Biology) Campbell Biology by Reece, 8th Edition, Publisher Pearson ISBN 0-321-88517-1, Lab fee $40, Lab manual: from Kishwaukee College

NUR 106 (Nursing Seminar) Health Careers Today, 5th Edition; Gerdin,Judith; Publisher Elsevier Mosby(2012) ISBN: 0323075045