Academic Transfer

Academic Transfer courses are offered on the high school campus and may be transferable to a four-year university (students should check with the university to which they plan to transfer for course compatibility). Dual Credit opportunities are currently available at selected high schools, including DeKalb High School, Hiawatha High School, Indian Creek High School, Paw Paw High School, Rochelle Township High School, and Sycamore High School. Check with your high school counselor for availability.

Students enrolling in certain academic transfer classes(e.g., ENG 103 and MAT 150), will need to meet course prerequisites, including Accuplacer testing, GPA  or ACT qualifications, and must have parental and counselor permission signatures to register. Any high school student may participate with written approval from their high school principal or counselor. Ordinarily, dual credit classes are reserved for juniors and seniors.

Application/Registration process

Prospective Academic Transfer students pre-register at their high school with their counselor during regular course selection.

  1. Students fill out the Student Online Information Form after high school course selection at their high school.
  2. Students schedule through their high school counselor or the Kishwaukee Counseling office to take the Accuplacer Test, if necessary
  3. Students complete a registration form obtained at the high school (check with your high school counselor) and returned by their high school’s deadline.
  4. Students pay their tuition bill sent from Kishwaukee College.

Class Availability

Dual credit academic transfer courses are currently available at the following high schools:

DeKalb High School
Paw Paw High School
Rochelle High School
Sycamore High School

Please select your high school from the above list to view courses offered, testing information for your high school, and deadlines.

Transfer of Completed Dual Credit Courses

Course transfer agreements have been established within the state of Illinois, and transfer of credits to institutions outside of Illinois have been largely successful.  As with any transfer, we cannot guarantee transferability and students are encouraged to contact the institution receiving the transcript to verify transfers.

Students attending Kishwaukee College do not need to request a transcript, as the dual credit class is automatically part of the student’s Kishwaukee College transcript.

Students attending other colleges and universities after high school graduation will need to request that an official transcript from the Records department be sent to the new college or university to receive college credit. Please check with the school you will be attending to obtain the correct address to send the transcript. The cost of an official transcript from Kishwaukee College is $5.