Kishwaukee Education Consortium

Kishwaukee Education Consortium (KEC)

KEC dual credit classes are offered in partnership with five area high schools: DeKalb High School, Genoa-Kingston High School, Hiawatha High School, Rochelle High School and Sycamore High School. Students register at their high school in the spring for career classes, and complete registration at Kishwaukee College the following fall term. These courses prepare students for an occupational pathway, which may not require preparation beyond a two-year Associates of Applied Science degree to enter the workforce.

Students enrolling in KEC Dual Credit courses must be in the 11th grade and beyond and attend one of the five consortium high schools.

Steps to Enroll

KEC Dual Credit courses will be offered to high school juniors and seniors. Students complete the following steps in order to participate in dual credit classes:

  1. Students register at their home high school for the KEC.
  2. Students enrolling in Health Occupations I must complete a Kishwaukee College Student Information Form online and schedule a Reading Compass test with Testing Services at Kishwaukee College (815-825-9841). Those students scoring a 50 or better on the test may register for Health Occupation I.
  3. All students enrolling in KEC dual credit classes will complete the Student Information Form and register at the start of the fall semester.

Withdrawal Policy

KEC students are encouraged to view the dual credit classes at KEC as the start of their college career. KEC students do not pay tuition or fees for dual credit classes; however, dual credit classes carry true college credit. All dual credit classes establish a transcript at the college. Grades received in a college class (including requesting a withdrawal from a course) are significant and can affect future financial aid. Any grade below a C is usually not accepted for transfer to another college, and an F, W (withdrawal) or I (incomplete) may impact the college’s determination of financial aid for the student. Exception: Students needing to change a class section after the start of the semester are not considered withdrawals.

Course Availability

The following classes offered through KEC currently are approved for dual credit:

Automated Engineering Auto Mechanics Aviation
Business Academy Collision Repair Technology Computer Information Systems
Criminal Justice Diesel Power Early Childhood
EMS Esthetics Health Occupations


Contact Information

Bonnie Lunn
Kishwaukee Education Consortium
815-825-2000, ext. 119