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Internships give students an opportunity to work for local
businesses in a work environment related to their major or
program area. The work experience gives students hands-on
learning and gives businesses the opportunity to help
educate the future workforce. The structure of internships
can be customized to meet the needs of a business.
Apprenticeship Programs combine on-the-job training
with Associate in Applied Science degree programs.
Rochelle Foods provides internships for students
to work in trainee positions while attending
college. The employer pays the students' educational
expenses with an agreement that the students will
commit to continue working for Rochelle Foods after
they have completed their certificates/degrees.
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Program Transfer Agreements with four-year colleges
and universities create a clear pathway for students from
Kishwaukee College through a major at the partnering
institution. Current programs with transfer agreements
include Nursing, Criminal Justice and Industrial
Engineering Technologies.
Guaranteed Admission Agreement with Northern
Illinois University (NIU) allows students to be admitted
to both schools simultaneously which provides academic
support services at both institutions to help keep students
on their academic track. The dual enrollment helps ensure
a seamless transition for students between schools.
Kishwaukee College partners with other institutions
of higher education to provide opportunities for
college-level students to complete their degree
program in the most efficient and beneficial
manner possible.
Higher Education Partnerships
KC Career Center provides area employers the
opportunity to connect with students and job seekers.
Opportunities for Employers to Get Involved
On Campus:
On-Campus Recruitment Table
(Employer Table to Recruit Students)
Employment Fair (October & April)
Career Panels
Guest Speakers
Opportunities for Workforce
Development Assistance:
Provide a Student Internship
Job Posting Services