January 12, 2016

Foundation offers Spring tuition reimbursement

KC Foundation offers Spring tuition reimbursement for one lucky student

The Kishwaukee College Foundation is offering a tuition reimbursement for up to 12-credit hours – the equivalent of $1428 – to one lucky student in the Spring 2016 semester. Marshall Hayes, Director of the Foundation, stated, “Part of our mission is to support Kishwaukee College students in achieving their goals through financial assistance. We have many scholarships available but decided this spring to open this up to selecting one student, via a drawing of all registered students, to have their semester tuition reimbursed. It is a way to let all students know that the Foundation is there for them.”

The drawing will consist of all students who register for the Spring 2016 semester by January 18. The semester begins on January 19. The award is based on enrollment through the tenth day of class and will be disbursed through the Financial Aid Office. The selection of the recipient is entirely left to chance, with the odds of being selected dependent on the number of students registered by the deadline date. The amount awarded is limited to no more than 12-credit hours.

The winner will be notified through their Kishwaukee College student email account and will have three business days to confirm receipt. If the Free Tuition Reimbursement is not confirmed after three days, a new student recipient will be selected.

Registration for the Spring 2016 semester is currently in progress. The Admissions, Registration and Records Office (ARR) will be holding several special registration days in January to accommodate students. 

On Thursday, January 14, counselors will be available in Room C1118 from 4 – 6:00p.m.  in the Student Center for students who have applied and taken placement tests but would like additional registration assistance.

On Saturday, January 16 from 9:00a.m. – 1:00p.m., ARR, Financial Aid, Business Office and Counseling and Student Development Offices will be open to assist students. All Student Services offices are located in the Student Center on the second floor. Appointments for the placement tests are available at 9:00a.m. to accommodate students who need to take Placement Exams. Testing Services is located in Room A1300. Call to make a Placement Test appointment at 815-825-2086, ext. 5070.

Adult students with children between the ages of 2 – 5 years are reminded that the Early Childhood Center is conveniently located on campus and offers competitive rates and flexible scheduling for students, staff and community members. The ECC has achieved Gold Circle of Quality rating in the ExceleRate Illinois Quality Rating and Improvement System and is a member of Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C). For more information, visit www.kishwaukeecollege.edu/services/early-childhood-center or call 815-825-2086, ext. 2510.

For more information on enrollment and registration for Spring 2016, contact ARR at 815-825-2086, ext. 2740 or at arr@kishwaukeecollege.edu.

For more information on the Free 12 Credit Hour promotion, visit www.kishwaukeecollege.edu/freetuition