September 8 Agenda

Board of Trustees Meeting

September 8, 2015
3:30 p.m. – Joint Meeting with Foundation Board (C1132-C1134 Cafeteria)
5:00 p.m. – Dinner (C-1132-C-1134 Cafeteria)
(Meeting will resume after the joint meeting with the Foundation Board in room C-2175)
5:30 p.m. – Regular Meeting (C-2175 Board Room)

     I.  Call to Order

    II.  Roll Call

  III.  Welcome & Introductions

 IV.  Foundation Board Business – Consent Agenda for the Foundation

   V.  Presentation by Steve Klingaman, “Two Boards, One Mission: Board Involvement in Fundraising”

 VI.  Break for Dinner

VII.   Resume Meeting  (Board of Trustees’ meeting will resume in room C-2175)

VIII.  Closed Session to discuss probable, pending or imminent litigation (closed session expected to last 30 minutes).

 IX.  Resume Open Session

   X.  Public Hearing on FY’16 Budget

 XI.  Communications
     A.       Letter from the Illinois Board of Higher Education – Thank you for hosting IBHE Board Meeting
     B.       Letter from the Kishwaukee College Foundation – The Board of Trustees Financial Need Endowment

XII.  Committee Reports
     A.       Audit Committee
     B.       Executive Committee – Regular Meeting Minutes of July 28, 2015*
     C.       Finance Committee – Meeting Minutes of May 7, 2015*
     D.       Foundation Liaisons

XIII.  Information & Reports
     A.       Comparison of Education Fund Revenue & Expenditures: FY’15 and FY’16*
     B.       FY’16 Budget Reports*
     C.       Historical Analysis of  End-of-the-Year Fund Balances*
     D.       Historical Analysis of Annual Foundation  Fundraising*
     E.        Insurance Benefit Coverage Report*
     F.        Enrollment Report
     G.       Monthly Highlights
     H.       Other

XIV.  New Business
     A.       Approval of FY’16 Budget*
     B.       Notice of Public Hearing for 2015 Tax Levy*
     C.       Contractor Recommendation – Grant Building Roof Replacement*
     D.       Board Member Discussion
     E.        Other           

XV.  Consent Agenda
     A.       Minutes of August 11, 2015,  Regular and Closed Session Meetings, Minutes of August 5, 2015 Special Meeting, and Minutes of August 20, 2015 Special Meeting*
     B.       Report of Budgetary Revenues and Expenditures*
     C.       Accounts Payable Recap*
          1.        January 2015
          2.        February 2015
          3.        March 2015
          4.        August 2015
     D.       Cash and Investment Report*
     E.        Staff Resignations/Appointments*

XVI.  Student Representative’s Report*

XVII.  President’s Report
A.       Upcoming Events:

  1. ICCTA Board of Representatives and Committee Meetings, September 10-12, 2015
  2. Presidents’ Council Meetings, September 10-11, 2015
  3. Board of Trustees Executive Committee Meeting – 8:00 am, September 22, 2015
  4. Audit Committee Meeting –September 29, 2015 – 3:00 pm
  5. Board Meeting – 5:30 pm, October 13, 2015

XVIII.  Adjournment

  *Documentation enclosed